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First Aid



Kitchen Safety is extremely important as kitchens are filled with a number of equipment that can be hazardous to those who work with it. Sharp knives, deep fryers, charbroilers, meat slicers, meat grinders, along with many others can cause serious injury to a person in a restaurant. It's critical that both commercial and residential kitchens are prepared to handle any accidents that can occur.

First aid kits and first aid supplies are important tools to always have in close proximity. First aid supplies allow for kitchen readiness before a trained medical professional can arrive. Kitchens, especially commercial kitchens, should have a well-stocked first aid kit with all the required pieces. Public Kitchen Supply's First Aid category provides a large selection of first aid kits and first aid equipment to help you meet restaurant standards.

We work with manufacturers like Certified Safety, Daymark and San Jamar to bring you the best first aid supplies for a kitchen. When cuts and burns occur, especially at work, they need to be treated immediately after they occur so we stock our bestselling SmartTab refill first aid kit that is designed to tell the user when they need to reorder items before it becomes empty. Allowing a first aid kit to become empty is a liability no business or home wants to have.

Another important aspect of first aid kits is training. Employees should know how to use the tools in a first aid kit. Our First Aid category also includes instructional posters like the Certified Safety Manufacturer's First Aid Poster. This poster provides instructions on what to do in case of emergency - it's a fantastic training tool. Use this poster to teach employees how to properly use first aid equipment.

Our First Aid category is filled with many different brands and products, all of which have a place in a public establishment. Browse this category to find the right safety tools for your business or even your home. Stay prepared, shop Public Kitchen Supply's First Aid category.

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