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Coffee Bolt Packs

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Love your Keurig Bolt but having problems finding Keurig Bolt coffee packs? Look no further. Here's Public Kitchen Supply's selection of Bolt packs to keep your carafes full of hot, fresh coffee flavors.

There's decaf options or caffeinated options just ready for you to choose which flavor you're wanting to share with your customers or clients. Green Mountain Coffees are the most popular flavor for the Keurig Bolt. There's the classic light roast Breakfast Blend or the dark roasted Dark Magic Bolt Pack. You'll even find a few from The Original Donut Shop or Tully's Coffee.

Each of these bolt packs work with only the Keurig Bolt Brewer and are able to make 64 ounces of coffee with every pod. Approximately three times the size of a traditional Keurig K-Cup, these Bolt Packs have the suggested amount of coffee within each of them to get the ultimate cup of coffee each and every pour out of the specially designed carafe that keeps these coffee flavors hot cup after cup.

As a special feature from Keurig, each of the Keurig Bolt Packs are recyclable so that once you're finished you are able to recycle the plastic portion of each Bolt Pack, making it less wasteful for the environment. What can be better? Recyclable and delicious tasting coffee in bulk.

One of the few Keurig Bolt distributors, Keurig Bolt Packs may be difficult to find, but we have made it easy. Shop for your favorite flavors and keep the coffee pouring.
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