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Cast Iron

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Chefs love their cast iron fry pans and for good reason. Cast iron has countless uses and benefits. At Public Kitchen Supply we have dedicated an entire category to Cast iron. In this category we carry manufacturers like Lodge. Cast Iron pans are non-stick, durable and reliable. They can be used on virtually any cooking surface. Use your cast iron fry pan on the stove, in the oven, on the grill or oven an open fire. These fry pans are great for numerous recipes. You can use cast iron fry pans to cook everything from omelets to baked goods.

At Public Kitchen Supply we carry unique cast iron fry pans like Lodge's Boy Scout Cast Iron Skillet. This model is 12" in diameter, 2" in depth with the Boy Scout Logo placed on the bottom of the pan. This is perfect gift for a troop leader or your own Boy Scout. Enjoy delicious campfire meals! If you're in need of a large, deep cast iron skillet consider adding Lodge's 12" Cast Iron Skillet to your business. This is the perfect pan for commercial kitchens or entertaining guests. If you purchase this pan for individual use keep in mind it's meant for cooking in large quantities. Public Kitchen Supply has small cast iron fry pans too. You can find 6.5" and 9" cast iron skillets in our Cast Iron category too! Choose Public Kitchen Supply as your one-stop-shop.
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