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Cast Iron

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Like other cast iron cookware, cast iron lids are extremely durable. In Public Kitchen Supply's cast iron cover's category you will find the heavy duty lids you need for camp fire cooking and much more. At Public Kitchen Supply we know some chefs that need equipment that is virtually indestructible. We direct these professional and amateur chefs to our Lodge cast iron cookware. When you buy cast iron from Lodge you can be sure that it will last a life time. The cast iron covers category provides lids to all of your favorite Lodge cookware. Many of the lids in this category will work with multiple items. Public Kitchen Supply's cast iron cover's category carries everything from Dutch oven lids to self-basting cat iron covers. If you're looking for a cast iron lid to fit your cast iron skillet you will find it here.

Purchasing lids for your kitchen equipment is a great way to expand your cookware's capability and use. Lids allow you to cook foods more precisely. Even if you already have a lid for your cast iron cookware Public Kitchen Supply and Lodge recommend purchasing a spare. It's important to have spare parts in your kitchen especially in a commercial kitchen. Preparing in advanced ensures that your kitchen will continue to be successful even if a lid is dirty or is misplaced. At Public Kitchen Supply we provide you with the tools you need to run a strong, professional kitchen. We encourage Lodge owners to shop the cast Iron cover category before checking out.
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