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Pan fried foods are a delicious way to stand out in your restaurant or home kitchen. In Public Kitchen Supply's fryer category you will find the perfect pans for frying catfish, chicken, and much more. Pan frying is healthy alternative to deep frying. Pan frying, especially in cast iron, requires little oil. Less oil means less mess. Pan frying will add the crunchy, crisp coating to your favorite foods. You can pan fry countless foods. In Public Kitchen Supply's fryer category you will find brands like Lodge Manufacturing. It's important that your fryer is deep enough to hold hot oil. Choosing a shallow pan will make it difficult to fry foods quickly and safely. Products like Lodge's 3 Quart Cast Iron fryer with lid or the 5 Quart fryer with lid are an ideal size for most kitchens.

The fryers lids are a great cookware feature. Lids increase your fryer's ability. Use these Lodge fryers for stir-fry, broiling and other cooking techniques. Lodge makes the 3 Quart and 5 Quart Fryer out of cast iron. Cast iron cookware is great equipment to have in your business. Cast iron is very durable and easy to maintain. It doesn't even require regular washing. The more you use Lodge cast iron fryers the better they will be. Public Kitchen Supply's fryer category is a great place to shop if you need a versatile, well-made fryer. Depend on Public Kitchen Supply for all of your cookware needs.
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