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Griddle-Grill Pan

Griddle grill pans allow you to grill in the comfort of your own home. Grill pans will leave an attractive, charcoal mark on your favorite foods like chicken or burgers. Griddle/grill pans are ideal for residential settings like apartments. Many apartments ban outdoor grills but griddle grill pans are an exception. Public Kitchen Supply's griddle/grill pan category is divided into subcategories based on their materials.

In the cast iron category find product like Lodge's 10.5" Cast Iron Square Griddle Pan. This grill pan is perfect for cooking over an open fire, on the stove or even in the oven. The Enamel Category provides products like Lodge's 10" Square Enamel Caribbean Grill Pan. This grill pan is bright blue. It has a matte black enamel interior. Lodge's 10" Square Enamel Caribbean Grill provides a durable, strong appearance. Public Kitchen Supply's Griddle Grill Pan is a great choice for homes and businesses. Shop the Griddle/Grill Pan category if you want to the convenience of grilling indoors.

The Griddle/Grill Pan category is perfect for winter or rainy days. Don't let weather stop your from making dinner time favorites. Grill anytime, shop Public Kitchen Supply's Griddle/Grill Pan category.
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