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Cast Iron Molds

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Using a cast iron mold can be a great twist on baking. Using a cast iron mold rather a flexible mold, like Sasa Demarle's Flexipan options, we can create molds with more of a variety of food options. Select from molds in the shape like a guitar, fish, cornsticks or cacti, there's so many things you can do with these molds to spice up your plate.

Incorporating a molded food into your restaurant or home can be your chef's signature. Serving breads in a guitar shape can be great for a restaurant that is a bar and grill and has a rock n' roll theme. It can show your customer's a great time before even tasting the food. As most of these molds are able to bake multiple pieces at once, they can also be great centerpieces for a table. Consider using the mold as the item next to your entree. Place the mold within the center of the table to offer your customers or friends an eye-pleasing design. A big pot of chili in the middle and a pan of baked cornbread wedges on either side, allowing your family or customers to eat "family-style."

As these molds are cast iron, they can handle higher heat than other baking dishes. Where a silicone-based mold or aluminum can handle temperatures between -40°F and 500°F, cast iron can handle temperatures above 500°F.

When it comes to baking with a cast iron mold however, you want to ensure that you season it correctly before your first use. Seasoning a cast iron item is meant to seal the pores of the pan and prevent sticking from occurring. Imagine the mess of stuck-on corn bread. When you serve cornbread or any food within these molds, you want them to slide out in perfect shape to your customers or family. Ensure the pan is seasoned well to give everyone the experience you intended. While you can purchase a non-stick skillet or use ingredients to prevent sticking on those, on a cast iron skillet, you must first perform the task of seasoning to get those results.
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