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Grill Press

A grill press is a great tool to have in your kitchen. It allows you to create eye-pleasing grill marks on all the food that comes out of your kitchen. It is meant to be used to create grill marks on both sides of a food item at the same time, saving time and money. It gives you the opportunity to "grill" sandwiches, meats and a variety of other foods without leaving your kitchen. Your kitchen can work at its most efficient when you invest in a grill press.

A grill press can be made either fully of cast iron or with an enamel coating on the top, depending on your taste. With the main component being made out of cast iron, there is enough weight to them to press heat into your food item, causing grill marks. Using a grill press can trick your customers or friends into thinking you are the master of a grill and spending time out in the elements in the middle of winter preparing a meal for them.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal of the grill marks from a grill press, it also benefits your plates as well. It can remove unwanted fat from foods or help create super-thin burgers. The weight of the grill press pushes the excess juices out and squeezes the meat down at the same time. Use this tool to create "skinny" meals or lower calorie meats.

To use a grill press, you want to ensure that the press sits on a flat skillet or grill on high heat for a few minutes before being used. This allows the grill press to reach the same temperature as the cooking surface. Once it's hot and ready to be used, you'll simply place it on top of the item that you are wanting to cook. Whether it be that you're creating a home-cooked panini or just creating a piece of grilled chicken with delicious grill marks, this is the tool you want to use regardless of time of year.
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