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Cast Iron

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A cast iron grill press is a great way to add the crunch you need to some of your favorite foods. Public Kitchen Supply's cast iron grill press category provides you with the tools you need to give your bacon or seared steak a thin, delicious layer of crunch. A cast iron grill press will help you make hash browns extra crispy or the perfect grilled cheese. In the cast iron grill press category you will find products like Lodge's 6" x 4" cast iron grill press with Spiral Handle. This product is ideal for square shaped foods. The spiral handle allow you to easily take hold of the grill press.

Another great grill press in this category is Lodge's 7.5" Round Cast Iron Grill Press with Spiral Handle. This grill press is idea for hamburger patties, chicken breasts and other meats. It will provide a delicious, equal sear. A cast iron grill press is an excellent way to enhance menu items. Public Kitchen Supply and Lodge encourages you to purchase a cast iron grill press if you own a diner, steak house or burger joint. Really though, the cast iron grill press category is great place to shop for many restaurants. Explore new menu possibilities' when you shop the cast iron grill press category at Public Kitchen. Choose from several, fantastic grill press in this category.
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