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Melting Pots

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Public Kitchen Supply's melting pots category is a great stop for serious kitchens. The melting pots category includes products that will help warm butter, scald milk, heat syrup or melt cheese. In Public Kitchen Supply's melting pots category you will come across products like Lodge's 15 oz. Cast Iron Melting Pot. This melting pot is made out of cast iron and is excellent at conducting heat. Use the 15 oz. Cast Iron Melting Pot for delicious artichoke dip or even fondue. This product is perfect for cheese and chocolate fondues, a delicious treat. Melting Pots are ideal for making scrumptious sauces especially over the barbecue. The pot's cast iron construction allows it rest comfortably on a grill or even in the fire.

Use Lodge's 15 oz. Melting Pot for rich barbecue sauces. Find product's like Lodge's Cast Iron Melting Pot Kit, a kit that's designed for sauces. The Melting pot kit comes with the 15 oz. melting pot along with a book on Grilling Sauces. The Grilling Sauces book will provide countless recipes for your home or restaurant. Lodge even includes a silicone brush with the Lodge Cast Iron Melting Pot Kit. The silicon brush will allow you to coat your meats and fresh grilled veggies with your newly learned sauces. Public Kitchen Supply encourages customers to browse the melting pots category before checking out. You never know what helpful tools you will find.
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