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Enameled cookware has become extremely popular in the restaurant and culinary world. Chefs' love enameled cookware because it is durable, attractive, versatile and long lasting. Now, in Public Kitchen Supply's enamel grill press category you can find enameled cookware for your kitchen. In this category you will find manufacturers like Lodge. Lodge creates several colored enamel grill presses that will work well in your home or commercial kitchen. An enamel grill press from Lodge will take your sandwiches to the next level. Whether you want to make a rich grilled cheese or a toasted Reuben, an enamel grill press is for you. Public Kitchen Supply carries several of Lodge's enamel grill presses in the enamel category. You can choose from gorgeous colors like Caribbean, Emerald or Island Spice. These vibrant colors will stand out in your kitchen.

Lodge's enamel grill press will do more than just grill sandwiches, it will compliment Lodge's enamel coated grill pans very well. You can count on Lodge's enamel grill press for superior cooking. The enamel grill press can be used for any cooking technique. You can even use this tool to maintain and refrigerate foods. Use the grill presses in this category on all cooking surfaces, including an induction range. Public Kitchen Supply encourages you add the enamel grill press to your commercial or residential kitchen.
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