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Paper & Envelopes

The Paper and Envelopes category provides an important tool for any office - paper. Along with paper, this category offers envelopes, a necessary item when you need to send printed documents. It's important for businesses to always have a stock of envelopes on hand because many documents are required to be sent by mail. Envelopes are great purchase for residential settings too, you can buy them in bulk here and save money.

Shop the Paper and Envelopes category for notebooks and legal pads as well. Clasp envelopes are always a great purchase for businesses thanks to their versatility. We offer brown clasp envelopes that come in a box of 100, providing a generous amount for your office. The 9" x 12" Brown Clasp Envelopes are made from Kraft paper, they have a 28 lb. capacity and feature a reusable clasp with a reinforced eyelet. We can assure you these envelopes will  work well in many different settings, allowing you to reuse them as needed. They are perfect for storing important legal documents, small objects, or mailing certificates.

If you're looking for a strong, sturdy notebook rely on Mead's Three Subject 9.5" x 6" Notebook. This notebook will help you stay organized and store your notes. Mead's Three Subject Notebook is great for businesses and students alike. At Public Kitchen Supply we know paper and envelopes are important for a business to function properly. Shop our Paper and Envelopes category for quality paper products at an affordable cost.

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