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Proper refrigeration is key to healthy, safe food. Refrigeration is necessary for commercial and residential kitchens. In Public Kitchen Supply's Refrigeration Category you will find sub-categories: Dunnage Racks and Accessories, Freezers and Refrigerators. You can find products that work well together. If you're looking for a new refrigerator and freezer for your commercial kitchen we recommend Turbo Airs M3 Series Freezer and Turbo Airs M3 Series Refrigerator. This freezer and refrigerator pair well together. They are both a sleek silver color. Turbo Air makes the M3 Series fridge out galvanized steel and stainless steel. The freezer is made out of stainless steel and aluminum. The M3 Series fridge and refrigerator will match flawlessly in your restaurant kitchen. You can find other manufacturers in the Refrigeration Category too. Public Kitchen Supply carries True, Saturn, Berner and other manufacturers in the Refrigeration Category. At Public Kitchen Supply we know the importance of proper refrigeration. When refrigeration appliances break it puts your entire restaurant in jeopardy. Broken refrigeration appliances threaten your foods taste, freshness and safety. We recommend you shop our Refrigeration Category for appliances you can rely on. Most of our manufactures offer at least a one year warranty on their refrigeration appliances. Research each brand and product for specific warranty information. Public Kitchen Supply's Refrigeration Category is a necessary place to stop and shop for new restaurants. We are sure we can find refrigeration appliances that are attractive, quality and within your price range in our Refrigeration Category.

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