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Employees need a place to safely secure valuables during work hours. Lockers are a great place to keep personals. Public Kitchen Supply's lockers category provides safe lockers, ideal for employee breakrooms.

Win-Holt is a great brand for lockers and their six tier 12" x 12" x 78" locker will make a great addition to your break room. The 6 Tier Locker features 6 small lockers that stack on top of each other. Win-Holt made it easy, the 6 Tier does not need to be assembled. Lockers are a smart purchase for a variety of settings. They work well for restaurants but they are also great for gyms, skating rinks, and other public areas. People want their possessions to be safe when they go to work or to the gym.

When people are afraid that their valuables may go missing they become distracted, unfocused. If an employee is distracted it can be detrimental to your business. The lockers category will keep employees protected. We encourage you to shop the Lockers category before store openings. Lockers allow employees to have a personal place for their belonging. Employees shouldn't have to carry around phones, keys or other valuables during work. Shop our lockers category.
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