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We have a limited quantity of cookware available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Cookware at JES Restaurant Equipment.

Shop our cookware selection on Public Kitchen Supply to keep your kitchen cooking meal after meal. To keep a well-stocked kitchen you need some of the most basic pots and pans. To start your cookware collection you'll need a sturdy fry pan, pasta pot, sauce pan and stock pan and don't forget a pan cover.

The most popular styles of pans are offered in stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron or enameled. The type you buy is based on preference. Some people love non-stick skillets, others prefer cast iron cookware. Aluminum is great for large stock pots that boil pastas and stews.

How you select your cookware is based on your needs. Do you plan to use the cookware in a restaurant kitchen? You'll need large pots and pans and different styles of material. If you plan to use it at home, you may opt for cast iron. Shop Public Kitchen Supply's wide variety of cookware to keep any type of kitchen well-stocked with quality cookware.

About Cookware

Our options for cookware range from large to small, from aluminum to cast iron. Cast Iron cookware is a fantastic option for cooking or baking in as it can transition between stove top and oven use. It can be placed on a top shelf to get that broiled taste on the top of a casserole. In cast Iron, you'll find seasoned, unseasoned and enameled. If it's unseasoned cast iron, it's left up to you to season as you see fit, regardless, all cast iron needs to be reseasoned at some point as it is some of the longest lasting cookware available.

There's also non-stick cookware that is typically found in fry pans or woks. These are for typical everyday cooking like your omelets, stir fry, chicken, steaks and more that you want to prevent from sticking and ruining the appearance of the delicious entrée you are fixing. Non-stick skillets do require the most careful handling as a simple scratch removing the Teflon coating can render the piece of cookware useless.

Aluminum cookware is typically the most affordable option and can endure more abuse than non-stick pots and pans. Aluminum pans are natural finishes, and do require an oil to prevent sticking. These are often used as boiling pots or sauce pans as the contents you place in them typically don't stick anyway. Browse around and choose the cookware that's meant for your kitchen.

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