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Check Management

It's very important that customers' checks are communicated clearly and quickly. Failure to present a customer's check in a timely fashion may result in an unhappy customer and loss of business. If a check is passed along too quickly it is easy for orders to be incorrect along with the bill's total. One of the best tools for check management is a slide check rack. Our check management category offers an assortment of slide check racks for busy commercial kitchens. The check management category has manufacturers like San Jamar, Tablecraft and Update International.

At Public Kitchen Supply we try to work with notable, respectable manufacturers. Choose from many different style of slide check racks. We have strong, sturdy aluminum side checks like San Jamar's Aluminum Side Check Rack. San Jamar's Aluminum Side Check Rack is made from anodized aluminum and glass marbles. This slide check rack allows for checks to easily move. Choose Tablecraft's 36" Aluminum Order Rack. This order rack is perfect for high traffic restaurants. Tablecraft's Aluminum Order Rack is especially strong.

In the check management category you will find many different side check options. Order racks keep restaurants organized, on time and running well. Order racks are necessary for most commercial kitchens, it's what connects the front of house to the back of house. Shop our check management category for a smooth, functional check racks.

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