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Bus Box

It's important that tables are cleared quickly, cleared tables mean waiting customers can be seated. When tables are not cleared and cleaned in a timely fashion it creates a long wait and long wait times can mean lost business. Bus boxes help bussers quickly clear tables.

Bussers can use a large bus boxes to carry plates, dishes and cups to the back of the kitchen in a single trip. We suggest a product like Carlisle's gray bus box that is made out of gray polyethylene. It is 7" deep allowing plenty of room for napkins, dishes and whatever else is left on the table. Carlisle's bus box can carry plenty of dishes, even allowing the busser to clean off more than one table at a time. The more plates and glasses a busser can carry, the faster the tables can turn over. A customer hates seeing empty tables that haven't been cleaned when their waiting.

By simply investing in more bus boxes, your waiters and bussers can help your business do well. Each of these bus boxes feature a contoured handle that allows them a firm grip, making the bus box easy to hold even when the box is full of dirty dishes. Help your bussers by giving them the tools they need to help your business.
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