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Induction Ranges

Induction ranges are an energy efficient way of cooking food without using gas or electric. Induction ranges are an electromagnetic field that heats up pots and pans. Since induction ranges are heated by their electromagnetic field less energy is wasted by heating up only a small surface area. Induction ranges cook food quicker compared to a traditional stove. At Public Kitchen Supply we love this handy tool, we dedicated an entire category to induction ranges. The Induction Ranges Category included manufactures like Adcraft. Find induction ranges like Adcraft's 120V Manual Control Induction Cooker. The induction cooker is easy to use and a safe appliance choice. There is no open flame or exposed burner reducing the chance of burns. Adcraft's 120 Manual Control Induction Cooker has a temperature range from 140°F to 464 °F. Induction ranges are an excellent purchase for residential kitchens, catering companies and food trucks. It provides a safe, compact place to cook food. Induction ranges are perfect for food trucks because it takes up very little space and reduces the chance of a fire. Public Kitchen Supply's Induction Ranges category has a large selection of ranges for your kitchen. You can simply store your induction range on a counter-top. Most of our induction range models will shut off if they do not have a pan on them or the pan is empty. Be sure to look into the function of each model before purchase. Public Kitchen Supply's Induction Ranges Category supplies energy efficient, alternative cooking mechanisms.

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