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Restroom Dispensers

Paper towel dispensers are a very hygienic option when it comes to hand drying. The dispensers category includes many types of dispensers like paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers and toilet tissue dispensers.

Dispensers are important in commercial bathrooms and restaurants. Dispensers allow toiletries to stay clean and within reach. Find products like San Jamar's Black 46 oz. Classic Soap Dispenser. This classic soup dispenser is ADA compliant. The Black 46 oz. Classic Soap Dispenser has a classic design with basic black and pearl coloring. Find unique dispensers like San Jamar s Center Pull Paper Towel Dispenser. The Center Pull Paper Towel Dispenser cleanly, evenly distributes perforated paper towels. The paper towel dispenser is made out of impact resistant plastic that is translucent black color. The dispenser's translucent material allows employees to know when the towel roll needs to be replaced.

Find toilet tissue dispensers in the dispensers category. We have many different options ranging from double and single toilet tissue dispensers. San Jamar's Double Locking Toilet Tissue Dispenser features concealed tensions springs. Dispensers that have concealed tension springs promises to keep toilet tissue rolls in place. The Double Locking Toilet Tissue Dispenser takes up very little restroom space, an important quality in any commercial setting. This toilet tissue dispenser will work with any bath tissue roll. At Public Kitchen Supply we understand the importance of restroom dispensers.

Restroom dispensers help bathrooms stay clean and organized. Find dispensers that work well in commercial kitchens too. Paper towel and soap dispensers are great for hand washing stations. We encourage you to shop our dispensers category.

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