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Blenders & Drink Mixers

We have a limited quantity of blenders and drink mixers available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Beverage Blenders and Mixers at JES Restaurant Equipment.

Blenders and drink mixers aren't just for smoothies, shakes, and margaritas. Commercial grade blenders are versatile due to their programmability and durable construction. Between our wide selection from Blendtec commercial blenders to Hamilton Beach blenders to Vitamix commercial blenders and Omega blenders, you'll enjoy searching for that perfect kitchen appliance you need to be successful and quench the thirst of your customers.

Public Kitchen Supply features the best selection of top-grade commercial blenders & drink mixers designed to blend, whip, mix, chop, grind, and puree whatever you need. Use a food blender to make sauces and dips while using a bar blender to make delicious blended drinks. All of these blenders & drink mixers are able to withstand high-traffic areas where blended foods and drinks are a thing of the norm. These kitchen appliances won't quickly burn out even in the busiest of restaurants or bars so you can be confident that you're making a sound purchase to increase business.

At Public Kitchen Supply you'll find extraordinary products like the Stealth blender that includes a sound enclosure designed for the Stealth model that blocks out more of the blending noise than any other commercial blender. Combine that with BPA free jars, LED displays, and the ability to mount right in your countertop makes the Blendtec commercial blenders a restaurant's perfect blender. Hamilton Beach also provides amazing drink mixers for malts and milkshakes bringing your customers an old-fashioned malt in just minutes. These would be perfect additions to soda shops or restaurants with a wide selection of shakes. Enjoy shopping our wide selection, we're sure you'll find the perfect tool in our blender & drink mixers category.

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