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Public Kitchen Supply's chemicals category provide chemical items and miscellaneous cleaning supplies. If you need strong, reliable cleaning supplies, you'll find it here. Public Kitchen supply's Chemicals Category works with manufacturers like Chemco, SSDC, Rubbermaid and many others. In this category you will find everything from SSDC's Power Eraser to Rubbermaid's Straight Floor Squeegee to Chemco's Stainless Steel Polish. The power eraser allows you to easily scrub away scuff marks and tough stains. The magic eraser is a great purchase for homes too. Floor squeegees are another beneficial tool that will help keep your business's floors clean. It's perfect for removing liquids and heavy dirt. To keep your stainless steel clean, shiny and looking new, purchase Chemco's Stainless Steel Polish. This polish will keep stainless steel cookware looking great.

Find the tools and chemicals you need to keep your kitchen clean and looking new. Public Kitchen Supply's chemicals category is a necessary stop for new restaurants or businesses with limited cleaning supplies. Clean, hygienic workplaces are extremely important especially in the food industry. Failure to keep your business clean and well-maintained can result in lost customers and even health code violations. Ensure your business stays open and running well with products from Public Kitchen Supply's chemicals category. The chemicals category is a great place to stop and shop if you're opening a new store or need to spruce up your business. Public Kitchen Supply encourages you to browse our chemicals category. Call us at 1-800-48-1716 if you have any questions.

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