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Chef Pants

When you begin your search for a new pair of chef pants, you want to shop for comfort, washability, and breathability. Consider this when you're buying a pair of pants for your chef uniform - you have to be able to move and move quickly around obstacles. You'll have to bend to place things in the oven or grab pots from low cabinets. Loose fitting and lightweight pants are exactly what you need. You don't want a tight pair of pants that cause you to sweat and hinder your ability to cook food efficiently. Efficiency is key to success in a kitchen. Public Kitchen Supply's stock of chef pants range from baggy style to cargo to EZ-fit pants so everyone can find a pair they enjoy. Chef Revival, our main manufacturer of chef textiles created these chef pants to be versatile. Most range in size from XS to 5X allowing them to fit both men and women chefs. The easy sizing as well as elastic bands, and lightweight material keep any chef cool and dry throughout their shift. The last thing a 5-star restaurant chef needs to worry about is whether or not their pants will be uncomfortable.

Considering the poly cotton blends, these chef pants can easily be thrown in the washing machine for easy cleaning night after night without ruining the fabric. Most restaurant have standards about stains on uniforms, so it's safest to purchase uniform pieces with easy cleaning abilities. At the end of the day, these Chef Revival brand chef pants will keep our chefs clean, comfortable and able to perform their job at the highest level possible without hindrance from a poor-fitting, uncomfortable chef pant.
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