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Coffee and Tea

As Public Kitchen Supply is a proud distributor of Keurig Brewing Systems, it only seems right that we would also provide a selection of Coffee and Tea to accompany the coffee makers. Categorized by type of drink, be it coffee, tea, or specialty drink, you can find a variety of beverages that may quench your thirst. For coffees we have caffeinated as well as decaffeinated. Are you a tea drinker? We have iced teas and bold black teas. And for the specialty drinks, you'll find a variety including decadent café mochas or milk chocolate hot cocoa drinks as well as vitamin burst juice blends. All of these drinks together will provide the selection that everyone can find a favorite in. We also proudly stock the following brands of coffee and tea: Green Mountain Coffees, Folgers, Café Escapes, Bigelow, Celestial Seasonings, Lipton, Starbucks, and many more! With the brands getting on board with Keurig Brewing Systems, the list of possible brands and flavors seems to always be growing.

To make your selecting beverage easier, we've tried to make it as easy as possible to shop. You'll be able to browse according to roast as well as brand. Some people prefer only dark roasts, while others prefer lighter more flavored coffee roasts. If you're not picky about the brand of coffee, choose the roast you like and indulge in new flavors. You'll also note that there is not just Keurig K-Cups within these coffee and tea.

Designed for commercial sales, the selection of Keurig coffee and tea K-cups within these pages are sold in 96 count and 88 count boxes, depending on the flavor and brand. Perfect for retail locations or office breakrooms where many people will share a Keurig Brewing System so it's fitting that you buy in bulk. You don't have to be a commercial location; however, anyone is able to purchase these coffees and teas. Enjoy the selection and find your new favorite coffee, tea or specialty drink.
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