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Caffeinated Coffee K-Cups



Reach for a caffeinated coffee k-cup every morning to give you that jolt you need to get on with your day. Caffeinated Coffee K-Cups are the perfect thing when your short on time and don't have time for an entire pot of coffee. That's the benefit of Keurig K-Cups to begin with - convenience. Have a single cup and be out the door or fill up your to-go mug and drink your coffee on the way to work. Either way, that caffeine will get you going. These are perfect for foodservice locations that have different people come through the door - some will want caffeinated options some will want decaffeinated. Some will want light roast and others dark. No need to make a whole pot of coffee and watch it go to waste, brew a cup to order.

Within this selection of Caffeinated Coffee K-Cups, you'll find two ways of searching: by brand or by roast. If you know the brand you like, find all that that brand has to offer, or if you know you only like dark roasted coffee, browse the dark roast category and explore new brands. Your new favorite coffee is just a click away. One of the best way to shop is through Public Kitchen Supply because we sell it in bulk. Purchase a case of 96 K-Cups for a fraction of the price of other stores.
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