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We have a limited quantity of front of the house supplies available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Countertop Equipment, Tabletop Dining, Furniture and Smallwares at JES Restaurant Equipment.

Ensure your restaurant's efficiency by selecting high-quality Front-of-the-House products. Ranging from crowd control, to food trays, to high chairs to displays and organizers, our selection takes into consideration exactly what you need to run a successful restaurant.

You need to be able to show your restaurant patrons how a line is formed in your restaurant with crowd control belts. Allow your customers to carry their food to their table with sturdy trays in your cafeteria-style establishment. Make sure the children are safely secured in a Rubbermaid high chair. When you're setting up your restaurant you'll also want to consider how you show off your food selection. Studies show a food display is important to your food sales, consider a sushi restaurant, the way they show off their sushi bar matters to their customers. At a steakhouse, customers might get the chance to choose their cut of meat before it's cooked. The display of choice matters.>

Last, you're tabletop accessories will help your waiters serve with ease. Menu covers, waiter gloves, sauce cups, number stands, and so much more are the little things that matter on your tables. You need these little front-of-the-house items for success. All of these, though small, have a place in a restaurant. Be sure to choose your products as you're opening your restaurant to make your customer's experience as easy as possible. We've included everything we could think of to help you in this front-of-the-house category.

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