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We have a limited quantity of whips and whisks available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Whips and Whisks at JES Restaurant Equipment.

Kitchen whips are a classic, necessary utensil in your home kitchen or restaurant. Whether you are you are whipping eggs, cream or another ingredient you will need this tool to create the consistency. In Public Kitchen Supply's Whips category you will find a wide selections of whisks and whips from several manufacturers. including Update International and Browne Foodservice, among others. Our whips and whisks are inexpensive but high quality. Stainless steel is designed to last, even in commercial kitchens where they're being used all day long. Find products in this category like Update International's 12" French Whip. This stainless steel French whip is perfect for mixing thick cake batter or simply whisking cream. It is even temperature-resistant up to 475°F. Whisks are a great food preparation tool.

Whips and whisks allow you to blend, smooth and combine ingredients easily. Choose a whisk with a thick, sturdy handle like Browne's 12" Deluxe French Whisk if your commercial or residential kitchen depends on whips. Whips and whisks keeps cooking simple and helps a chef get back to basics. Whipping by hand allows you to keep a close eye on your ingredients, something that's difficult to with an stand mixer. Whatever you need to whisk together, Public Kitchen Supply has the tool you need. At Public Kitchen Supply we work hard to find quality kitchen equipment.

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