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Handle Holder

A handle holder is a great addition to a kitchen. A task that was once tackled with an oven mitt or a simple pot holder, now is replaced with a handle holder. A handle holder is a piece of fabric, sometimes cotton, sometimes silicone, that is slipped over a skillet's handle to prevent the hot handle from burning the chef's fingers and hand.

Designed to fit snugly, the handle holder conforms tightly to the skillet's handle, preventing any slipping from occurring. The last thing you want to happen when you're handling a hot skillet is for it to slip and fall. You run the risk of it burning the chef or a bystander, and ruining the food at the same time. Creating a comforting grip to the user, the silicone material is extremely soft, which is a great addition to a hard aluminum or stainless steel handle, that often does not include a rubber handle and can reach extreme heats when the pan does.

If you prefer the decorative cotton handle holders, you will still receive the same level of heat-protection as you would from a silicone handle holder. The reason being, a cotton handle holder includes a layer of silicone within the holder. It's able to block the heat before it has a chance to penetrate the cotton layer with the decorative design. Choose from designs like camouflage, chili peppers, and stripes to create a whimsical look with your pots and pans.

Reach for a handle holder instead of a pot holder when you are dealing with hot pans. A pot holder is meant for grabbing baked dishes out of the oven, not handling a skillet that can slip.

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