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Sizzle Plate

We have a limited quantity of sizzle paltes available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Sizzle Plates at JES Restaurant Equipment.

A sizzle plate is made up of both a cast iron griddle and an underliner. While most sizzle platters are sold in sets, they're able to be purchased individually. Found right here, these griddle platters are the important part of the set. The griddle is what keeps your food sizzling all the way from the grill to your customer's table creating the aroma and sound we all love when we order a sizzling entree.

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to cook your sizzling food in. Be it a fajita meat, fajita style veggies, or an assortment of other grilled foods, your griddle platter will determine how much food you can fit on a plate and how it looks when you present it to your customers.

There's handleless options, handled options, rimmed options along with others. While most of the sizzle platter griddles are oval in shape, you can find ones that are offered in round circles or ones in a large square. The square option is perfect for an appetizer or dish that is meant to be served with the an entire table's party. Place a combo of bestselling appetizers within this one griddle plate so everyone can share until their entree comes out.

Made out of cast iron, these sizzle griddles are sturdy as well as heavy duty. Don't underestimate the amount that a cast iron griddle can improve a restaurant experience for a customer. Make sure you pick up an underliner when you purchase a griddle plate too. They're necessary for serving to prevent burns on your chefs, servers, customers and table tops. Keep the set of griddles and underliners coming out of the restaurant kitchen with the sizzling sound and the delicious look that only a sizzle platter can deliver.

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