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Blendtec sells professional, commercial blenders and home blenders. Tom Dickson found Blendtec in 1975. Blendtec was found out of Dickson's persistence, tenacity and inquisitiveness. Since 1975, Blendtec has grown exponentially. Blendtec is one of the best known, high performance blender manufacturers on the market. Blendtec is still developing new products. Blendtec sells a wide arrangement of blenders. You can choose from different capacities, colors, and materials.

Blendtec creates other products too. You can find other items to purchase such as mixers, mixing bowls, service kits and more. Blendtec blenders have specific blend cycles. Food will move and shift into the surface blade. The blender automatically stops when each blending cycle is complete. Many people can benefit from Blendtec blenders. Purchase a blender for your home, smoothie shop, coffee shop or restaurant. Blenders are great for countless recipes. You can use high powered blenders to mix pancake batter quickly, create chunky salsas, mix delicious soup and many other recipes.

A high powered blender can act as many different kitchen tools. One strong, high powered blender can replace coffee grinders, ice-cream machines, vegetable choppers, immersion blenders and graters! Explore the many different uses of a Blendtec blender. Purchasing a Blendtec blender will save homes and businesses time. Stop chopping, mixing and hand-mashing ingredients. Rely on your Blendtec blender to get the job done.
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