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Washing your hands is one of the best things you can do to prevent the spread of disease. Clean hands are especially important in the kitchen, commercial and residential. Unclean hands can contaminate food and if the establishment is large enough, create a major public health problem. ACME Wholesale Supply Company is dedicated to creating quality products that will improve your business. ACME specializes in paper towel rolls. Paper towels have proven to be the most efficient way of drying hands. Paper Towels are a cheap hygiene product that will prevent the spread of disease. It is necessary to offer customers and employees a way to dry wet hands. Paper towels remove germs quickly because they physically wipe away bacteria. ACME is dedicated to helping their customers provide fresh towels to their business. Shop Public Kitchen Supply's website for traditional, hard wound paper towel rolls. These paper towel rolls will fit most paper towel dispensers. When you need to refill your paper towel dispensers turn to ACME Wholesale manufacturing. ACME Wholesale manufacturing has had steady growth as a company. ACME understands the best way to win business is through customer satisfaction and quality products. ACME Wholesale will not disappoint. ACME Wholesale is a leader in janitorial supplies and commercial restaurant equipment. Restaurants, stores and offices continually choose ACME Wholesale to stock their bathrooms and commercial kitchens. Make ACME Wholesale products apart of your business supplies. Public Kitchen Supply counts on ACME Wholesale to provide superior products.

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