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San Jamar - Arriba Twist Passive Air Care System (WHT) (WP107 80 1203)
MODEL: WP107 80 1203
SKU: P1370
Price: $7.17
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Arriba Twist Passive Air Care System is designed with Advanced Capillary Science (ACS) that uses capillary action to disperse scent for a controlled amount over a period of time. This prevents huge bursts of overpowering fragrance followed by a dip in scent. The passive option on this system has a special design which includes vents to allow for continuous scent without the use of a fan. Even with the passive function, it is able to fill the air of large washrooms or other challenging spaces. Refills contain twice the air freshener of wick dispensers.


  • Model: WP107 80 1203
  • Color: White
  • Lasts up to 60 Days
  • Covers 6000 cubic feet


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