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Advanced Safety Products - Bag Dragon Bag Opener (BAG DRAGON/BD1)
SKU: P13957
Price: $4.16
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Green bag opener from Advanced Safety Products brings a new light to innovative design. As this bag opener looks like a dragon in shape, it's easily given its name. It features a wide variety of tools in one to make it extremely useful such as small tools to open boxes, bags, and shrink wrap or squeeze contents out of bags. In this small tool you'll find a tape slitter, bag feeder, lanyard hold, storage hook and flat edges. To break it down further the tape slitter, at the top of the tool helps you to open taped cartons. The bag feeder features a stainless steel blade for opening bags. Two flat edges, one 4.5" long, the other 8.5" long help you to push out soups, salad dressings, or other liquids to get your money's worth of each and every bag. Or, to do the same task, feed the bag through the entry channel and squeeze the tool together to have another way to extract all the contents from a bag. The green plastic construction has a reinforced ribbing to provide extra strength to the ergonomic handle.


  • Model: BD1/Bag Dragon
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Plastic


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