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San Jamar - Safety Wrap Station Dispenser (SW1218) (SW1218)
SKU: P7870
Price: $77.35

Make food prep and storage easy with San Jamar's Saf-T-Wrap Station with the safety blade option. The Saf-T-Wrap Station dispensers foil, film, and labels. It is able to dispense 12-18" long film and foil rolls with a diameter between 1.2" to 5.1". The Saf-T-Wrap Station features a storage area, perfect for pens, markers, and box cutters for easy access.

The safety blade option, that this comes with prevents employee's from becoming cut during use. For further protection, the station is able to be suctioned onto a countertop during use so that there's less chance of it moving while someone is using it. Choose then to store it away using the integrated brackets on the back of the unit. You can easily replace the safety blade if it dulls and it can also be interchanged with the slide cutter for a sharper, smoother cut. The Saf-T-Wrap Station is dishwasher safe for easy clean up. The Saf-T-Wrap Station will protect and organize your film, foil and labels. Organize your kitchen and save time with San Jamar's Saf-T-Wrap Station.

NSF Certified


  • Model: SW1218
  • Color: Silver/Blue
  • Material: Break Resistant Plastic
  • Dispenses 12-18" film and foil rolls up to 5.1" total diameter; minimum core diameter: 1.2"


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