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Fundamental Designs - FIFO Label Cap (Light Green) (4810-140)
MODEL: 4810-140
SKU: P14866
Price: $3.02
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FIFO Bottle's Label Caps have a flat surface making it easy to add Identification Labels. Each Label Comes in a different color, model 4810-140 is light green. FIFO Bottle's Label Caps come in more than 10 different colors. Use the Light Green Label Cap for vegetable based dressings and sauces. Bottle Label Caps are ideal for chefs who regularly work with numerous sauces. Its a great purchase for sub shops, sushi bars or even homes. FIFO Bottle is famous for engineering sauces dispensing solutions for the restaurant world. The Light Green Label is very popular amongst our customers, its excellent at highlighting specialty sauces. FIFO Bottle's goal is to offer superior products and service. FIFO Bottle is used in more than 100,000 restaurants worldwide. FIFO Bottle's development process is focused on collaboration and creativity. FIFO Bottle works hard to include opinions from engineers, inventors, customers and operators into their products. Organize your kitchen with FIFO Bottles Label Caps.


  • Model: 4810-140
  • Size: Fits all FIFO Bottles
  • Color: Light Green
  • Material: Plastic
  • Quantity: 6 Count


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