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APW Wyott - 10"" Wide Radiant Conveyor Toaster (3"" Open) (XTRM-2H)
SKU: P15455
Price: $1,443.65

Toast 600 slices of toast or bagels or muffins each hour with this fantastic APW Wyott product. Referred to as the X*treme Radiant Conveyor Toaster, this unit has the ability to sense the temperature within the cavity and determine when it needs to heat up, and when it needs to cool down based on your settings.

When you run a restaurant that serves toast for breakfast or toasted sandwiches for lunch, you'll appreciate the quickness of this unit. It's able to toast all the bread you need to fulfill orders. Using the controls to turn up or down the top heating elements and bottom heating elements you can decide how you want your breads to come out of the toaster. Decide what texture and color you want your toast to be and it'll handle the rest.

The list of features that will benefit you in a restaurant goes on and on, however, one of the most notable, the X*treme Smarts technology prevents employees from burning themselves. The system cools down the bread as its leaving the conveyor and also includes a self-dispensing bread draw that slides forward to help you remove the toast, preventing the user from reaching in to hot elements. All of the features together with the construction, ease-of-use and more make this system one that you'll appreciate and be glad you purchased.

UL Listed, UL Sanitation Listed


  • Model: XTRM-2H
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 16.5"H x 15.7"W x 19.38"D
  • Electric: 208V, 2840W, 16.1Amps


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