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Crown Verity - 34" Outdoor Propane Gas Grill (MCB-36)
SKU: P16432
Price: $2,593.50
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Crown Verity's 34" Outdoor Propane Gas Grill, model MCB-36, measures 44" x 28" x 36". Model MCB-36 weighs 143 lbs., making it relatively light weight. Crown Verity's 34" Outdoor Propane Gas Grill is attached to two large traction wheels that make it easy to move and relocate. The gas grill has five burners using 79,500 BTU an hour. Crown Verity designed model MCB-36 for residential and commercial use. The gas grill offers commercial performance. It is capable of cooking up to 280 burgers and 210 New York rib steaks an hour. You will be able to make juicy, mouthwatering barbecue quickly and efficiently. This is a great quality for restaurant kitchens where time is key. The 34" Outdoor Propane Gas Grill will make an excellent addition to any deck or patio. Crown Verity's 34" Outdoor Propane Gas Grill comes with radiants, a water pan, hose, regulator and lighter tube. Public Kitchen Supply can confidently recommend the 34" Outdoor Propane Gas Grill.


  • Model:
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 44"L x 28"W x 36"H


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